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Celebrating the work of a royal winning more recognition: Sophie, The Countess of Wessex

Sophie, Countess of Wessex
i-Images/ Pool

Much of the work carried out by some members of the royal family can go unnoticed by the public.

Whilst royal dramas generate bigger headlines, perhaps it is time to turn our attention to the important work being carried out by the Countess of Wessex. This year, there has been a growing recognition of the work done by Sophie who works tirelessly behind-the-scenes and has become patron for multiple charities and organisations often with little fanfare.

The main areas that the countess supports young people with disabilities, avoidable blindness, agriculture and prevention of sexual violence in conflicted areas.

In aid of these various causes, the Countess has travelled to several countries to raise and spread awareness. Notably in 2019, Sophie undertook an official visit to Kenya on International Women’s Day in aid of gender equality, girls’ education and the prevention of sexual violence.

Along with her husband, Sophie has taken up an important role in co-running the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. The Countess even undertook a 450-mile cycle from Edinburgh to Buckingham Palace to gain her diamond challenge for the scheme.

On a personal note, Sophie is a great supporter of the Thames Valley Air Ambulance and has a very personal link to its work after they helped save her life when she had to be airlifted to hospital following a miscarriage and significant loss of blood.

Whilst the countesses’ dedication and hard work is often less talked about than other royal stories, she’s a great support to the Queen, not to mention the many organisations which she supports.

As the House of Windsor, like the rest of us, continue to face the challenges posed by the pandemic, the Queen needs additional support from loyal and trustworthy family members more than ever before, and, in The Countess of Wessex, she can be confident in the knowledge that the good name of the royal family will be upheld.