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European Royals

The line of succession to the Liechtenstein throne

Liechtenstein is the only reigning European monarchy that bars women from the throne.

Their succession laws are governed by the Princely House of Liechtenstein’s house laws. There has been controversy regarding the laws of succession, with a committee at the United Nations criticising the principality for excluding women from inheriting the throne in 2004. However, no changes were brought about, and even the monarch, Prince Hans-Adam II, defended the house laws because they were older than the country itself.

The first twenty in the line of succession to succeed Prince Hans Adam are as follows:

  1. Hereditary Prince Alois (who has served as Regent since 2004)
  2. Prince Joseph Wenzel
  3. Prince Georg
  4. Prince Nikolaus
  5. Prince Maximilian
  6. Prince Alfons
  7. Prince Constantin
  8. Prince Moritz
  9. Prince Benedikt
  10. Prince Philipp
  11. Prince Alexander
  12. Prince Wenzeslaus
  13. Prince Rudolf
  14. Prince Karl Ludwig
  15. Prince Nikolaus
  16. Prince Josef-Emanuel
  17. Prince Andreas
  18. Prince Gregor
  19. Prince Christoph
  20. Prince Hubertus

To be eligible to succeed to the throne, the royal must be born to married parents (of which the monarch consented to the union) and be male patrilineal descendants of Prince Johann I Joseph. If no male heirs are left, the monarch can adopt an heir presumptive.

The house laws do not provide for a possibility of a female monarch or females in the line of succession.

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