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What a spectacle – Prince Daniel visits glasses factory in Østersund

Prince Daniel of Sweden

Prince Daniel of Sweden visited Østersund this week to open a brand new factory for the glasses-producer, Synsam. His Royal Highness cut the ribbon and congratulated the city which is now home to the factory which manufactures a variety of spectacled frames.

Synsam’s CEO, Håkan Lundstedt, and Sweden’s Minister of Industry, Karl-Petter Thorwaldsson, also attended the opening together with Prince Daniel.

During the opening His Royal Highness said: “I am proud of Synsam’s great effort at home. This is great for Østersund and good for Sweden.”

The Prince, who himself wears glasses, then received a tour of the factory with plant director Robin Dahlgren pressing the start button to launch the 80 machines. Watching attentively from the side, Prince Daniel stood with his arms crossed and watched with interest how a rectangular piece is transformed in just under three minutes into a pair of spectacle glasses.

Synsam is a Swedish optician chain with more than 500 stores in the Nordic nations. Synsam’s main products are eye examinations, glasses, contact lenses and sunglasses. The company was first established in Sweden in 1968.

During his day-visit in the city of Østersund, Prince Daniel also met researchers at the local university`s research centre and he also met young entrepreneurs during a lunch in the local government palace.

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