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Royal Court issues update on health of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia

Photo The Royal Court, Sweden

Last week Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia both tested positive for Covid-19. In a statement, the Swedish Royal Family said that the prince and princess only have mild flu like symptoms, and that they are doing well in the circumstances. They were immediately quarantined at their home with their two children.

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia are now trying to recover from coronavirus at their home at Villa Solbacken. On Tuesday this week the Royal Court gave a further update on their health. The Swedish magazine “Svensk Damtidning” was in contact with the Royal Court’s information manager who answered with the following short statement: “The prince and princess are fine under the circumstances.”

The Swedish Royal family`s doctor Mårten Rosenqvist is confirmed to be currently responsible for the care of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia. The 68 year old doctor is also Professor Emeritus in Cardiology. He leads the Royal Court’s medical staff and has the prestigious job of working as the royal family’s doctor, but on a daily basis he is a senior professor at Karolinska Institutet’s Department of Clinical Sciences, where he researches atrial fibrillation and how more cases can be detected.

He has reportedly not been at work at the University for some days. This is because he is focusing on his two royal patients at Villa Solbacken. Infection tracking at the Royal Court revealed that no other royals in Sweden have been infected. It is not known how the couple were infected by Covid-19.

Princess Sofia was set to continue working in healthcare through the autumn, the Royal Court confirmed in August. The 35-year-old princess began helping at Sophiahemmet hospital in Stockholm after undergoing training at Sophiahemmet University in an effort to help out during the ongoing pandemic. She helps with cleaning and does shifts in the kitchen. Sweden has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, and so far more than 6,500 Swedes have lost their lives. More than 230,500 people have been diagnosed with the virus

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