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Princess Sofia of Sweden gives last interview before new royal baby is born

On Tuesday, Princess Sofia of Sweden attended her last known official engagement before her second child is born in September. Their first child, Prince Alexander, was born in April 2016. The Swedish royal magazine Svensk Damtidining met the Princess in connection with the conference and held the last interview before the Princess gives birth to a new royal baby in September.

“I feel fine,” said the Princess. She then continued, “I am really looking forward to Alexander getting a sibling.”

Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia and Prince Alexander. Photo: The Royal Court, Sweden

The Princess was asked questions about the conference. Svensk Damtidning asked the Princess, “What are you taking with you from this day?” The Princess responded, “How important it is that we all work together and that we have a common vision. In addition, that we do the best we can. It is important at all levels.”

“We have discussed both micro and macro perspectives. From the global leaders’ power in this to civil society. We as individuals actually have an opportunity to influence, really through all the choices we make. From what we consume to what we think and think and demand,” said Princess Sofia.

The Princess was asked what she does to help the environment. “That’s incredibly wide; it is all about choosing to shop with companies with good value bases to raise my son to be a nice person. Therefore, I try to do my very best,” the Princess replied.

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Princess Sofia at the conference on Tuesday. Photo: Project Playground

The seminar that the Princess participated in is a result of the collaboration between the Princess’s charity organisation “Project Playground” and the another Swedish organisation “Limitless Meetings.”

Project Playground is a non-profit organisation which focuses on improving life opportunities for children and young people. It was founded in 2010 by Princess Sofia of Sweden and Frida Vesterberg. The organisation has operated in South Africa since 2010 and Sweden since 2016. The new Swedish operation focuses on the many unaccompanied refugee children who have relocated to the Scandinavian country from their war-torn nations.

If you would like to read more about the organisation, you can do so here.

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