Princess Estelle gets more “queen school” in preparation for her future role

The queen preparatory schooling for Princess Estelle of Sweden continues. On 20 February, Crown Princess Victoria took her two children, Princess Estelle (6) and Prince Oscar (2) to the Royal Collections to learn about their activities which include being responsible for the furnishings of 11 royal palaces and collections like furniture, carpet, curtains, ornaments, and woven wallpaper.

Photo: Sara Friberg / Kungl. Royal Court

Around 80 per cent of the objects are on display in the various palaces or used for official events like receptions, representations, and ceremonies. They have also been loaned to exhibits in Sweden and abroad, as well as for research purposes.

Each of the rooms visited on Wednesday can be seen by the public on tours of Stockholm’s Royal Palace.

Estelle looks at the orientally styled table in Oskar II’s room. Photo: Sara Friberg / Kungl. Royal Court

The young royal was given a magnifying glass to look for details in old archive images by Curator Alexander Holm. The Royal Court explained that Her Royal Highness was able to view an 1825 masterpiece by carpenter Johan Söderström that used to be in the Royal Palace in Queen Desideria’s Green Salon.

Photo: Sara Friberg / Kungl. Royal Court

The trio and curator also visited the Carl XVI Gustaf Anniversary Room on the Bernadotte floor of the Royal Palace. The room (seen in our header image) was redecorated in 1998 in a modern style in celebration of the King’s 25th anniversary on the Swedish throne. She was able to compare the current room to its former decorations through different photos from over the years.

Time was also spent in Oskar II’s Writing Room where Princess Estelle was given the change to investigate the 19th-century interior design. The Royal Court explained, “The room is preserved with the technological innovations of the time such as telephone and electric light.”

Photo: Sara Friberg / Kungl. Royal Court

Over the past year, Crown Princess Victoria has begun really showing Princess Estelle the traditions and history of the monarchy that she will one day head. The Crown Princess and her husband, Prince Daniel find it essential to begin the education for Estelle’s future role at a young age while also balancing the task of allowing Estelle to be a normal child.

This visit came just three days before Princess Estelle celebrates her seventh birthday.

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