Princess Estelle competes in Prince Daniel’s Race

On Sunday, it was time for the annual Prince Daniel’s Race and Pep-Day. This year, Princess Estelle participated in the race named after her father.

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Today, the annual Prince Daniel’s Run and sport’s day took place at Haga Park, just outside of Stockholm. This year the event was renamed to Prince Daniel’s Run and Pep-Day. The organisation Generation Pep, a non-profit organisation initiated by the Swedish Crown Princess Couple, will co-organise the day starting from this year.

Prince Daniel’s Race is a running competition for children aged 6-12 years. Participation in the race is entirely free, and no winners have been announced. Everyone wins the race and receives a medal from Prince Daniel of Sweden. This year there were around 1500 children who participated.

Between 11 am and 3 pm, children of all ages and their parents were welcome to participate in the different sports and activities that were planned by Prince Daniel and the city of Solna. At precisely 11 am, Prince Daniel launched the first shot which announced the start of the first race.

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This year Prince Daniel’s daughter, Princess Estelle competed for the first time in Prince Daniel’s Race. Wearing number 85, the six-year-old Princess ran between the other children of her age category. Proud mother Crown Princess Victoria and brother Prince Oscar were there to cheer on Estelle. Prince Oscar is still too young to participate. The race took place in the Crown Princess Couple’s backyard, Haga Park as they live in Haga Palace.

The aim of Prince Daniel’s Race and Pep-Day is to give children and young people the opportunity to experience the joy of movement in a variety of forms, ranging from dance, games, outdoor activities and sports, as well as to gain knowledge about movement and diet. Prince Daniel’s run wishes to encourage children to move more and spend more time outside. The day is organised annually around Prince Daniel’s birthday.

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According to their website, Generation Pep “is a non-profit organisation with the vision that all children and young people in Sweden should have the ability and desire to live an active and healthy life. Therefore, Generation Pep works to spread knowledge and engage both people and organisations in a joint effort to make it easier for children and young people to live a healthy life. To have a chance to succeed with this long-term vision, Generation Pep wants to involve the whole community in the work – from local enthusiasts to politicians and policymakers.”

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