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Prince Daniel appears on children’s television show to promote sports

Prince Daniel at the opening of Anti Doping Sweden
Victor Ericsson/Kungl. Hovstaterna

On Monday, Prince Daniel of Sweden took part in SVT’s ‘Movement Movement‘ programme.

The show, broadcast by SVT (Swedish National Television), was created to welcome summer, and each years has a different theme. 

This year’s subject was movement, and the slogan was ‘any movement counts’. The program aims to encourage physical activity of any kind. 

Prince Daniel was invited to inaugurate the programme because of his commitment to the cause of physical activity. 

The program, called ‘Summer Holidays’, will air every day from the 20th of June to the 14th of August on SVT Barn (which is the Swedish national television’s channel for kids programs) and on their streaming service SVT Play. 

His Royal Highness delivered a speech, in which he highlighted the importance of movement and physical activity, especially for children, because it contributes to healthier bodies and minds. 

Since Prince Daniel married into the Swedish Royal Family over a decade ago, he has been very involved with the promotion of physical activity, especially for children. 

Particularly close to Prince Daniel’s heart is the organisation Generation Pep, founded in 2016 under the umbrella of the Crown Princess Couple Foundation. Generation Pep is a non profit that aims to promote a healthy lifestyle for children, which includes physical activity and a health diet. 

His Royal Highness also created the Prince Daniel’s Race and Sports Day, to promote physical and mental health amongst the Swedish population. 

Together with physical activity, Prince Daniel is also involved in health issues, and is patron of the Heart-Lung Foundation, as well as being an advocate for organ donation. Wishing the Heart-Lung Foundation, he also established the Prince Daniel’s Grand for Promising Young Researchers.