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Prince Daniel and Prince Constantijn teamed up to highlight entrepreneurship

On Wednesday and Thursday this week, His Royal Highness Prince Daniel of Sweden visited Amsterdam to attend the seminar “Startup Summit Sweden-Netherlands” and The Next Web Fair. The visit took place at the digital innovation house Epicenter.

The seminar was organised by Sweden’s Embassy in Amsterdam, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and the Dutch Ministry of Economy, Agriculture and Innovation-organisations arranged the seminar “Startup Summit Sweden-The Netherlands: All You Need To Know About Connecting the Swedish-Dutch Startup Scene”.

Prince Daniel and Prince Constantijn are interviewed during the seminar. Photo:

Prince Daniel was accompanied by Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands on his visit. They took their time to learn from and speak with the leaders at “Start-up Summit Sweden-Netherlands”. Prince Daniel and Prince Constantijn were also interviewed during the seminar. The two princes initially spoke to the audience about their views on the importance of entrepreneurship and what the countries can learn from each other. The Secretary of State at the Ministry of Enterprise, Stina Billinger also attended the seminar together with the two royals.

During the interview, it became clear that it was Prince Constantijn who had convinced Prince Daniel to come to the Netherlands Prince Constantijn said: “The Netherlands have to connect much better with what they do in Scandinavia”. When Prince Constantijn heard about the opening of Epicenter, he immediately called his fellow Royal colleague, Prince Daniel, said the Dutch prince.

The two prince`s during a guided tour of Epicenter’s premises. Photo:

The visit began with a tour of the newly opened Epicenter Amsterdam. Epicenter is a Swedish digital innovation house and has previously existed in Stockholm. In the 11,000 square meters of premises in Amsterdam, digital growth companies and major multinational companies can now meet and create the technology of the future.

On Thursday, Prince Daniel, together with Prince Constantijn, also visited “The Next Web Mass”. The fair, organised since 2006, brings together hundreds of start-up companies and exhibitors. Here the two prince`s together with Sweden’s ambassador, Per Holmström, had a guided tour where they learned more about the technology. During the visit, Prince Daniel also meet several Swedish and Dutch startup companies.

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