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Prince Alexander of Sweden makes public debut at Sweden’s National Day

Prince Alexander of Sweden, son of Prince Carl-Philip and Princess Sofia, has made his public debut at Sweden’s National Day today. His parents took him with them for the official opening of the Royal Palace. He was dressed in a white outfit and kept warm in a grey blanket. Prince Carl-Philip had the honour of opening the palace to the public, including the recently renovated west wing and Logården, a small garden on the side of the water. Logården is also where the couple announced their engagement. Princess Sofia was dressed in the national costume of Sweden.

On the occassion of National Day Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel also released new pictures of their newborn son, Prince Oscar, and his sister Princess Estelle. The photoshoot took place in the grounds of the family’s home Haga Palace. Their two children were not present for the National Day celebrations and Crown Princess Victoria opted not to wear the national costume.

The 6th of June became a national public holiday in 2005 and celebrates several historical events, the election of Gustav Vasa as King in 1523, the succession of Charles X in 1654 after Queen Christina’s abdication, the promulgation of a new Instrument of Government in 1809 and 1974 and the marriage of Sophia of Nassau to the future Oscar II Before 1983 it was known as Svenska flaggans dag (Swedish flag day). Sweden’s National Day is also a traditional day to swear in new citizens in ceremonies across the country. Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel will attend such a ceremony at Nacka City Hall. As usual the royal family will ride a carriage drawn by horses from the Royal Palace to Skansen.

One notable absentee is Christopher O’Neill, Princess Madeleine’s husband, who remains a private citizens and has work obligations. The National Day celebrations are all broadcast live on TV.