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Pincess Sofia praises the healthcare heroes in Sweden

Linda Broström, The Royal Court of Sweden

Princess Sofia has shared a greeting for the Swedish Heroes of 2020 during a gala awards ceremony, saying that her definition of a hero is “a person who sees his fellow human beings and acts when someone needs help.”

In a message recorded for the gala last week, Sofia, who served as a jury member of the Swedish Heroes Gala, said, “I’m so incredibly impressed. To me, all of you in Swedish healthcare are real heroes, and I want to thank you for everything you have done and continue to do every day.”

The Princess was on hand to thank healthcare workers and to specially commend Emma Schols, who was chosen as Lifeguard of the Year.

She continued, “It is about a profession that in a pandemic like this also makes demands on their other family members, to make time to get together and have enough.

“One for all, all for one. I’m so incredibly impressed. To me, everyone in Swedish healthcare is a real hero, and I want to thank you for everything you have done and continue to do every day.”

Princess Sofia touched upon her own volunteering this year, at the Sofiahemmet, saying, “During the spring and autumn, I have been able to participate and work in healthcare with simpler tasks, and it has been a unique experience that has fundamentally affected me.”

The pregnant princess pivoted to helping out the healthcare sector once the coronavirus pandemic hit Sweden and plans to continue working there as long as her pregnancy allows her.

On her official Instagram account, Sofia wrote, “I had the opportunity to express our thanks to everyone who fights in health and care during the pandemic. In addition, it was a great honour to pay tribute to Emma Schols who became Lifeguard of the Year. A very strong story. Congratulations to all winners!”

The Swedish Heroes Gala is an annual event that pays tributes to the everyday heroes around the country. Winners are announced in lifeguarding, citizen hero, care hero, youth hero, fiery soul, and, new this year, environmental hero.

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