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Latest landscape hikes for Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden announced

The Swedish Royal Court has announced new landscape hikes for Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden. During the spring and early summer, the Crown Princess will continue her series of hikes through Sweden.

The Crown Princess will start her walk through Norrbotten on March 20th. Then the Crown Princess will hike in Härjedalen on March 29th, Halland on April 12th, Västmanland on April 26th, Jämtland on May 17th, Södermanland on May 22nd, Medelpad on May 29th, Gästrikland on June 7th and the final hike will take place in Dalarna on June 14th.

With these hikes, Crown Princess Victoria wants to experience different parts of Sweden during different seasons and to visualise the treasure that the Swedish nature is for all who live and work there. The Crown Princess also wants to increase the value of outdoor life and movement.

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden. Photo: Raphael Stecksén, Royal Court, Sweden

In April 2018 the Crown Princess walked through Blekinge as her first walk in her series of hikes through Sweden of that year. Blekinge is the duchy of her niece Princess Adrienne. During that walk, Crown Princess Victoria and her entourage kicked off with a visit to the Hulta preschool where the Crown Princess got to meet the children and staff. Dressed in jeans and sneakers, the Crown Princess was then welcomed by hundreds of people who had gathered at the town square to see her. The hike went along the Ronneby River down to Ronneby Brunnspark. Throughout the day the Crown Princess made several stops to see different parts of the city.

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