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King of Sweden talks of responsibility and reminisces on the past during Christmas Day speech

Photo: Victor Ericsson / Royal Court, Sweden

King Carl XVI Gustaf addressed the Swedes today from Drottningholm Palace instead of the Royal Palace in Stockholm. The speech was recorded in the Lower Yellow Salon of the King’s residence.

His Majesty spoke of people’s responsibility during these troubling times with the pandemic and his gratefulness to the frontline workers who have been battling COVID-19.

I send a very special thought to those affected. Let’s show them support and consideration this Christmas. And continue with it even when the weekends are over.

We all have a responsibility. Two metres away can save lives. But we can also make two minutes of phone calls. In the current situation, we must be able to be both wise citizens and caring fellow human beings,” he said.

The King then addressed healthcare workers and others who have been helping during the pandemic:

You are many in our country who work daily to fight the pandemic, to take care of those who have become ill, and to ensure that our society continues to function. Your work can rarely be done from home. But we are all completely dependent on what you do. I want to say to you: We see your efforts – and we are all deeply grateful for them.

Since the King addressed the Swedes from Drottningholm this year, His Majesty also spoke of the palace’s importance to the Swedish Royal Family. It is where he and Queen Silvia raised their three children, and he shared how much his grandfather, King Gustaf VI Adolph loved Drottningholm.

He went on to share memories of his beloved grandfather saying, “He had a great interest in art, history and archaeology – and he was generous in sharing his knowledge. Something I have enjoyed a lot through life.”

The King also added that his grandfather “enjoyed sitting by the fireplace in the Stone Hall and reading one of his many books” and “could also tell a lot about our family; about the places and events that shaped us.” He then stressed, “The older generation is a link to history. With their help, we can see things from a longer perspective.”

King Carl Gustaf concluded his remarks with hope for the future by mentioning the vaccine and how things would return to normal.

He stated: “In order not to feel too heavy, we must look forward to a new and much better year. The light comes back. A vaccine is on its way. And already in a few months, a lot may have changed.

“We must believe in the future. And although we will look back on this year in different ways, we will also remember that we went through this ordeal together.”

His entire speech can be read here.

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