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King Carl XVI Gustaf says he is ‘deeply pained’ in new statement, adding Crown Princess Victoria is an ‘extraordinary asset’

King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden has released a statement following the broadcast of an interview on Swedish television, in which he said it was unfair that his younger son, Carl Philip, was not heir to the throne.

Prior to January 1st 1980, Prince Carl Philip was heir to the throne, despite having an elder sister in Princess Victoria.

The Swedish legislative body later introduced a constitutional amendment meaning the throne would be inherited by the monarch’s eldest child regardless of gender.

This was retrospective, meaning Victoria was made Crown Princess upon the amendment becoming law, with Carl Philip only being Crown Prince for seven months.

In a statement released on Thursday evening, His Majesty said: “During the autumn, on two interview occasions, I received questions about the change in the succession order in 1980 in favour of the first-born child – regardless of gender.

“I then shared my thoughts about Prince Carl Philip retroactively losing his position as crown prince in connection with the amendment to the constitution.

“It has pained me deeply when, in retrospect, I have heard comments that claim that I would not stand behind my daughter, Crown Princess Victoria, as Sweden’s heir to the throne.

“I therefore want to make it clear that my interview answers should not be interpreted as criticism of the female succession to the throne or of Crown Princess Victoria.

“The female succession to the throne is for me a matter of course. The Crown Princess is my successor. She is an extraordinary asset to me, my family and our country. I am proud of her and her tireless work for Sweden.”