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Crown Princess Victoria speaks warmly about Crown Prince Frederik

Last week, a new biography about His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark was published. In this new book, you can follow Crown Prince Frederik’s life from childhood to today. In addition to Frederik himself, the author Jens Andersen has also interviewed Crown Princess Mary, Queen Margrethe, Prince Henrik and Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.

In the new biography about Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Victoria says this about her Danish royal colleague:

“Frederik always comes into a room with sparkling eyes and sees people, both privately and officially. It is as if he meets one with his eyes and is very present, genuinely engaged and curious. There are people who ask questions, but never take time to wait for the answer. Frederik always waits for the answer,” says Victoria.

Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark. Photo: Mogens Engelund via Wikimedia Commons.

It is no secret that all the Scandinavian royal families have a good relationship. Not only are they all close relatives, but they often meet both at work and in private. In February, Queen Margrethe spoke of the Scandinavian royal relationship in an open interview.

“My own family creates a bridge between the Nordic nations. The Nordic royal families belong together, and we stand by each other very closely,” said the Queen. Queen Margrethe explained that her son, Crown Prince Frederik, is a very good friend of both the Swedish and Norwegian Crown Prince(ss) couples. The Queen also added that they often visit each other.

Queen Margrethe says she can see that her son has a much closer relationship with the other Nordic heirs to the throne than she had when she was young. “The current King Harald was rather old when I was 15, and King Carl Gustaf is six years younger than I am,” said the Queen. “Now that we are all adults, we have become very good friends.”

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