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Crown Princess Victoria presented with Öland Inhabitant of the Year prize

Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria has been named Öland’s Inhabitant of the Year; this prize is presented annually as a collaboration between Barometer and Sweden’s Radio since 1980. She was presented with the award yesterday at Solliden Palace – the Royal Family’s summer residence on the island of Öland.

King Carl XVI Gustaf, Victoria’s father, was awarded the same prize in 1996. A proud father and monarch, the King awarded Her Royal Highness with the Öland’s Inhabitant of the Year prize which included a diploma, a glass piece and flowers. Before awarding the prize, His Majesty said, “It is obviously very fun for me to hand this over to the Crown Princess. The motivation is well expressed, that’s exactly what it’s about. Very well done.”

For her part, Her Royal Highness remarked, “I would like to thank Öland. It’s like I’ve been here all my life, it’s with the longing I want to return. I can disclose that when I cross the Öland Bridge, and just as I cross the bridge, it’s yippie! Then there is always sorrow as I go back to the mainland. Öland is and remains a fantastic special place not only for me but also for my own little family. It’s a need simply to get here.”

The jury who selected the Crown Princess as this year’s winner revealed why they came to choose the future queen, “Throughout her life in words and actions, the prize winner of the year has expressed her love for Öland, a place where she feels at home. Her earthly commitment to the landscape and people contributes strongly to the island’s development and attractiveness.

“With her presence and vigour, she creates interest and attention for Öland, both nationally and internationally. Her birthday, July 14, is celebrated for a long time as Öland’s own national day.”

The ceremony was led by Odd Zschiedrich. The Dimpker Brothers also provided musical entertainment. Besides the King and Crown Princess, Queen Silvia was also in attendance.

Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Princess Estelle, Prince Oscar, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia will be at Solliden Palace on Victoria’s 41st birthday on 14 July when the Swedish people are invited onto the grounds to celebrate the Crown Princess’s birthday each year.

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