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Crown Princess Couple of Sweden attend seminar on cause close to their hearts

Anna Lena Ahlström/Kungl. Hovstaterna

Crown Princess Victoria, but perhaps especially Prince Daniel of Sweden, has always had a strong focus on physical activity. Therefore, they were both present at a seminar that was about what they are both passionate about, physical activity in Swedish schools. The important seminar was held in the Bernadotte Library at Stockholm Royal Palace with the Crown Princess Couple’s Foundation as the organiser.

Her Royal Highness held a speech in which she said: “Today we are here to discuss something that is very close to Prince Daniel and me’s heart. I think almost everyone knows how it feels when we think that you should exercise, but for various reasons do not have the strength.”

The seminar’s main focus was on how young children and divorcees can get a better benefit from their training and train more. At the seminar, teachers and students from the schools spoke about their experiences.

The Swedish Crown Princess continued to talk about motivation and that people must support each other. Crown Princess Victoria concluded her speech by saying: “Prince Daniel and I look forward to hearing more about your experiences. In addition, I hope that all of us who are here today will have the opportunity to learn and be inspired by each other. Because we train not only to feel good today but also to lay the foundation for feeling good in the future.”

Some exercise was also added during the seminar itself. In the middle of the program, everyone got up, and under the guidance of a gym trainer, both Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel joined a small training session. That they were wearing a long dress and a suit was no obstacle. The royals laughed and expressed that they thought it was fun to include in a small training session in the seminar, which dealt specifically with training.

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