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Spain’s royals share behind-the-scenes glimpses of Princess Leonor’s military training

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The Spanish Royal Family shared an update on Princess Leonor’s military training at the General Military Academy in Zaragoza.

Accompanied by a carousel of images showing the future queen’s training, the Spanish Royal House shared that Princess Leonor has passed basic training and will continue with her education and training at a more advanced level.

The Spanish Royal House revealed that this basic training period has been marked by activities including “shooting exercises, combat track passage, topographical tours, light steps and passage of water courses.”

According to the Royal House, basic training also comes with individual instruction on moral and military training, as well as basic knowledge of military weapons and equipment.

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Earlier this week, Princess Leonor participated in a ceremony to receive her rank of Dame Cadet and the ceremonial sword accompanying it. This comes after a week and a half of training with weapons and combat tactics.

The ceremony also means that Princess Leonor and her class of 613 cadets are now officially recognised as members of the Spanish Army and can be called upon for active service should the need arise.

It has been an eventful month for Princess Leonor. She began her military training at the General Military Academy on 17 August, having been dropped off by her family—King Felipe, Queen Letizia, and Infanta Sofía—at the departure location.

Princess Leonor will undertake three years of military training across Spain’s Army, Navy and Air Force and receive instruction and ranks for each branch through 2025.

Once she completes her training with the Army, Princess Leonor will be a Dame-Cadet. In the Navy, she will achieve the rank of Midshipman, and in the Air Force, she will receive the rank of Lieutenant Cadet.

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