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Queen Sofía continues her tour of Spain’s food bank with a visit to Burgos

Picture by Oscar Gonzalez / i-Images

Queen Emerita Sofía of Spain has continued her tour of food banks around Spain with a visit to Burgos – the capital of the Autonomic Community of Castilla y León. 

The visit comes in the context of the Reina Sofía Foundation launching the campaign ‘Operation Cold’ in October 2020, aimed at providing food banks with the equipment necessary to store and transport fresh produce.

Her Majesty arrived at the Burgos food bank early, taking her hosts by surprise – a rarity at royal engagements. Her Majesty was welcomed by the Mayor of Burgos, Daniel de la Rosa, as well as other local dignitaries.

The former Spanish Queen heard from him how the Burgos Food Bank is coping, the challenges had faced, and how they resolved them.

Following the meeting, Her Majesty signed the guest book before undertaking a tour of the facility, both in its operative side and its storage rooms, where she met with the volunteers.

The Burgos Food Bank is known in Spain for being one of the most stocked, often having excess food, which subsequently gets redistributed among those who need it the most.

The Operation Cold campaign launched by the Reina Sofía Foundation has already pledged €100,000 to the cause of having more food variety and including fresh produce in the inventory of food banks around the country.