Pretender to the French throne ‘could soon enter Spanish politics’

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Prince Louis-Alphonse of Bourbon, a pretender to the long defunct throne of France, has held private meetings with the Spanish right-wing Vox-movement. He has, among others, met personally with the deputy leader of the Vox Party, Santiago Abascal according to reports by various Spanish media and the International Monarchist Conference.

The Spanish newspaper “El Mundo” has stated that Prince Louis, one of the pretenders to the throne of France and a resident of Spain, could enter into Spanish politics very soon. The news comes just days after King Felipe VI of Spain held a series of meetings with his country’s politicians as they tried to form a stable government. The lack of a deal has led to a fresh general election being called in Spain. It will take place this November.

Prince Louis-Alphonse of Bourbon is also a great-grandson of Francisco Franco and a close friend of Vox-leader, Santiago Abascal. Earlier this year, the then incumbent Spanish government led by Pedro Sanchez proposed abolishing a number of noble titles in Spain which were introduced during the Fascist dictatorship of Francisco Franco.

In recent years the Prince has frequently re-tweeted messages from the leader of the party Vox. Royal Central spoke to French journalist and leader of the International Monarchist Conference, Frederic de Natal, this summer. He said about Prince Louis-Alphonse:

“It is interesting to note that Prince Louis-Alphonse of Bourbon is extremely and politically involved in Spain since the Spanish government decided to discuss the reburial of his great-grandfather, General Franco. He is close to the Vox movement. His Francoist positions are not necessarily always appreciated whether from his opponents or his supporters [who are] very divided between legitimist modernists and ultra-Catholic legitimists. Although he is in his role as “very Christian” prince, both have official Twitter or website accounts that give their political point of views or actions.”

Prince Louis Alphonse of Bourbon, Duke of Anjou is a Spanish Prince, a great-grandson of King Alfonso XIII of Spain and member of the Royal House of Bourbon as well as Legitimist heir to the French throne. Through his mother, he is also a great-grandson of Francisco Franco and through his father, a great-great-great-grandson of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.

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