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Behind the scenes video released by Casa Real ahead of King Felipe’s 50th birthday

A behind the scenes video of the Spanish Royal Family has been released by Casa Real ahead of His Majesty King Felipe’s 50th birthday on Tuesday. It gives a rare inside look into the private lives of the King and his family, as well as official duties. For the first time, people are also getting a real glimpse of the personalities of Leonor and Sofía behind closed doors.

The video, titled “Felipe VI, a King, a father,” features the King with his wife, Queen Letizia and their two daughters, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía; the family is seen at the recording of the King’s yearly Christmas message and at home together earlier this month.

The video begins with the King preparing to record his 2017 Christmas Eve message. 12-year-old Leonor and 10-year-old Sofía walk into the room before the recording starts to give her father a kiss, but the King tells them to give him an air kiss due to the makeup, resulting in laughter from everyone in the room.

Both girls seem excited to see the work that goes into recording his yearly message with Leonor asking questions about putting the film together. Queen Letizia, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía are also seen watching him record his address in a separate room, and later the King is seen watching the full video alongside Leonor.

The family is then seen in their black Audi on the way to school with Queen Letizia asking Sofía if she has an exam that day. When Sofía says no, the King responds, “Lucky.” Leonor is asked what time her test is that day, but she does not remember.

The 13-minute video embedded above, published on Revista Diez Minutos’s YouTube account, ends at their residence at Zarzuela Palace where the four are seen enjoying lunch together on 13 January.

The video also reveals some unknown facts about the Spanish royals including that Princess Leonor is left-handed like her aunt, Infanta Elena. Leonor was seen eating soup with her left hand while the rest of her family used their right. It is also revealed that Sofía is in theatre as Queen Letizia asks her if she knows her role well. Lastly, we hear the girls refer to Letizia as “mommy” in English when speaking to her instead of the Spanish “mamá” or “madre.” Both Leonor and Sofía are said to speak English very well.

Several images, taken during the recording of the video, were also released by Casa Real for His Majesty’s 50th birthday.

No special events for His Majesty’s birthday have been announced by Casa Real. However, if his 40th birthday is anything to go by, there’s one present that he will receive that is most important and special to him – his beloved daughters telling him ‘happy birthday’.

Ten years ago, he was asked about the best gift he received for his 40th birthday. His response was one mothers and fathers all around the world relate to and agree with, “The happy birthday that my daughters sang to me this morning.”

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