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Royal Family complain as King Michael of Romania’s grandson tries to force his way into King’s residence

Nicholas Medforth-Mills, formerly Prince Nicholas of Romania, has been accused of trying to force his way into his grandfather’s residence in Switzerland. The royal family filed a complaint with the Swiss behalf after the event.

Nicholas later commented on his Facebook page: “I’m deeply saddened and do not understand the aggression of CR who do their best to prevent me from seeing my grandfather and to discredit my image. I will not go into this dirty game. I will choose to respect my grandfather in these difficult moments because that’s right and is the Christian thing to do.”

Nicholas is the son of King Michael’s second daughter Princess Elena and Robin Medforth-Mills. Nicholas lost the title of Prince of Romania and his place in the line of succession in 2015. It was never clear what the exact reason for this was, though it is now assumed that Nicholas fathered an illegitimate child, who he has not recognised. Nicholas was third in the line of succession, after his childless aunt Crown Princess Margareta and his mother, Princess Elena. Not everyone recognises this line of succession as the last democratic royal Constitution of 1923 barred women from wearing the crown.  King Michael requested that should the Romanian Parliament consider restoring the monarchy, the Salic law of succession should not be reinstated and to allow female succession.

Nicholas announced his engagement Miss Alina Maria Binder, a Romanian national, last summer. “I’ve always looked up with admiration and respect to my grandparents’ marriage, and I wish that to be an example that Alina and I will follow in our marriage”, Nicholas wrote in his statement. The King wished him happiness and peace, and the power to make the right decisions in his own statement following the engagement. His Majesty mentioned once again that decision to withdraw the title of Prince of Romania and the qualifications of Royal Highness as well. The decision to remove Nicholas from the line of succession remains unchanged after his marriage.