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Former Prince Nicholas of Romania to be father for the second time

As June 2020 got under way, Nicholas of Romania announced that his wife Alina-Maria is expecting a baby in November. The message was published on the celebration of “Ziua Copilului” – or Children’s Day in Romania. This will be the first child for the couple.

The statement published to the press reads as follows: “It gives me great pleasure to share the joy that my wife, Alina-Maria, is pregnant with our first child. The birth is expected in November. Our child will be brought up with the respect for our ancestors and their traditional values  in the spirit of responsibility and love towards our country and in the faith that myself and my grandfather, King Michael was baptized”.

The statement from the former Prince of Romania. Photo: Facebook / Nicholae al Romaniei.

The former Romanian Prince, now usually addressed as Nicholas of Romania or Nicholas Medforth-Mills, and his wife, Alina-Maria, were civilly married on 6 October 2017 and religiously married on 30 September 2018. Nicholas is the son of Princess Elena of Romania and the late Dr. Robin Medforth-Mills. This make him a grandchild of King Michael I of Romania and a nephew of the present head of the Romanian Royal Family, Her Majesty Margareta, Custodian of the Crown of Romania.

Nicholas and Alina-Maria live in Bucharest. As a grandson of Michael I, the former king of Romania, Nicholas was third in line to the throne of Romania according to a new family statute enacted in 2007 that also conferred the title of a “prince of Romania” on him. That was abrogated in 2015.

Her Majesty Margareta of Romania with her nephew Nicholas in a room at Peles Castle. Photo:HertigAvRomanjie / CC BY-SA (Wiki Commons)

His royal title was revoked in 2015 because the former prince was supposed to have had a child out of wedlock. Last year, in 2019, Nicholas admitted that he was the father of a child born outside marriage. After taking a paternity test, it was revealed that he is indeed the father of a girl born a woman named Nicoleta Cîrjan’s daughter.

 In a lengthy statement on social media, he then wrote: “Following my persistent requests to conduct the paternity test of my alleged child, Mrs. Nicoleta Cirjan has accepted. The result is positive, I am the father of her child. Given the context in which this child was born, the fact that I have had no relation with the mother, I have assumed the legal responsibility to the child.”

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