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The Queen

The Queen responds to frustrated American asking if she can take back control of the USA

Queen Elizabeth II
Pool / i-images

The Queen once responded to a disillusioned American who wrote to Her Majesty asking whether she could take back the USA.

It was in 2015 when the irked American wrote to Buckingham Palace after they became disillusioned with the the line up of Republican presidential candidates, including the now current President, Donald Trump.

The US citizen pleaded: “On behalf of the American people, I urgently implore you to take us back.

“Clearly, the options we have to lead us aren’t up to par. Again, please, I beg of you, make the United States of America a colony of the United Kingdom.

“For further reasons as to why this is such a necessary, albeit drastic, step, I refer to tonight’s Republican Party Primary debate. Thank you. God save The Queen.”

The annoyed American received an unexpected reply a few weeks later from the office of The Queen.

The letter read: “I have been asked to write in response to your recent letter to The Queen in which you express your views about the American government.

“Whilst your views have been noted, you will appreciate, I am sure, that there can be no question of The Queen intervening in the affairs of another Sovereign state.”

One cannot help but wonder whether this American citizen’s views have changed since 2015 given the current circumstances engulfing the United States?