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Queen Máxima hears of cost of pandemic for funeral directors


Queen Máxima has visited a funeral home in The Hague to discuss how COVID-19 has impacted the funeral industry in the Netherlands.

During her visit on July 2nd 2020, Queen Máxima spoke with directors of the Engelen & Spoor Funeral Services, the director of the Sector Certified Dutch Funeral Enterprises and the director of the Roman Catholic Cemeteries Foundation to learn about the protocols the funeral industry is facing due to COVID-19.

The Royal House noted that Queen Máxima also discussed the “consequences of the corona measures in daily practice when caring for and transporting the deceased” with the group as well as a discussion about their experiences “with the corona measures and the impact that these measures have had on organising a funeral in recent months and now.”

The Netherlands has had over 50,000 cases of COVID-19 and 6,113 deaths.

The Engelen & Spoor Funeral Services website notes that as of 1 July, there is now no limit on the number of attendees at a funeral “provided there is sufficient distance between the visitors and visitors can sit, there is a reservation in advance and a health check has taken place.”

The website also notes that a maximum of 100 people can meet indoors provided there is sufficient space between visitors; and a maximum of 250 people can meet outdoors provided there is sufficient space between visitors.

The website also notes that funeral planning discussions will be held over the telephone from 16 March, and if they cannot be held over the telephone, meetings will be held at the funeral home’s offices.

Queen Máxima was also out on Thursday to visit the GGZ Noord-Holland-Noord mental healthcare facility in The Hague to discuss patient care in the patient’s home environment and digital care; as well as to learn about family involvement and recovery and personal direction.  

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