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Swedish Royal Family hosts dinner for Nobel Laureates

Photo: Sara Friberg / Kungl. Royal Court

On Wednesday night, the Swedish Royal Family held their traditional dinner for the Nobel Laureates at the Royal Palace in Stockholm. The dinner takes place the evening after the awarding of the Nobel prizes in Stockholm and the accompanying gala dinner.

In attendance were King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia and Princess Madeleine.

Ahead of the dinner, the royals received the Nobel Laureates and their partners in Prince Bertil’s Apartment before joining the other guests in the White Sea Ballroom where they received members of the Riksdag (Sweden’s Parliament), government officials, diplomatic corps, academics, research and science, and the Nobel Foundation among others.

Photo: Henrik Garlöv / Royal. 
Royal Court

Guests then dined around 8.00 pm Swedish time in Karl XI’s Gallery on porcelain that was gifted to the King on his 50th birthday by the Riksdag and Swedish government. Glassware was from Kosta, designed by Sigurd Persson, which was gifted to the King and Queen for their wedding in 1976 by the Riksdag and government.

The King escorted economist, Esther Duflo to the table while Queen Silvia walked in with physicist, Michel Mayor. The Crown Princess and Prince Daniel walked in with Chemistry Prize winner M. Stanley Whittingham and Jean Allison Peebles, respectively. Prince Carl Philip escorted Françoise Mayor while his wife escorted physicist, James Peebles. Lastly, Princess Madeleine walked in alongside Chemist Prize winner, Akira Yoshino.

Guests dined on broken scallop with cauliflower variation and browned butter with shallots; baked cod fillet with saffron cover, potato stomp with chives, cooked black root and lemon butter sauce; deer saddle from the royal hunt with baked root celery, silver onion filled with roasted onion cream and brandy cream sauce; and baked milk chocolate pie with sorbet, frozen crème Fraiche and honey crisp.

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