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83-year-old Princess Beatrix recovers from coronavirus

princess beatrix

Princess Beatrix has recovered from coronavirus, according to the Dutch Royal House.

In a press release, they stated that the 83-year-old former queen is out of isolation and is considered recovered.

“Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands is complaint-free and allowed out of isolation. Princess Beatrix tested positive for coronavirus last weekend and has since been in isolation at home with mild cold complaints.

“Princess Beatrix would like to thank everyone for the many expressions of involvement.”

Princess Beatrix’s diagnosis was announced on 4 December following a visit to Curaçao. The Dutch Royal House stated that Princess Beatrix was exhibiting mild cold complaints and symptoms and was in self-isolation at home following the diagnosis.

During her visit to Curaçao, she focused mainly on the environment and nature and how the island nation is recovering from the pandemic.

King Willem-Alexander commented on his mother’s health this week, stating: “Fortunately, nothing is wrong at all. Only she had a bit of a cold; she thought it was the air conditioning in the tropics. She is in very good spirits for the rest, so it is all fantastic. On behalf of her, I thank everyone very much for the compassion and good wishes, but she is doing great.”

Princess Beatrix is fully vaccinated, having received two doses of the vaccine and a booster shot. She is the first—and so far, only—confirmed case of COVID-19 within the Dutch Royal Family.

With cases on the rise in the Netherlands, the country is increasing its restrictions to curb the spread. A planned state visit by King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima to Greece this month has been cancelled due to the pandemic.

Princess Beatrix was also forced to miss the 18th birthday celebrations of her granddaughter, Princess Catharina-Amalia, who reached her majority on 7 December and was introduced to the Council of State the following day. Princess Beatrix reportedly attended private birthday celebrations virtually.

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