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Shaman Durek comments on his relationship with Princess Märtha Louise

By Richter Frank-Jurgen - Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

The boyfriend of Norway’s Princess Märtha Louise has told a newspaper that their relationship is strong following reports in two European publications of a possible rift between the pair.

German newspaper, Bild, and Swiss paper, Swiss Blick, have both speculated on the state of the couple’s relationship recently. But in a text message to the Norwegian newspaper “VG”, Durek Verrett has stated that the reports are not correct, telling them “Märtha Louise is my twin-flame. We do not care about these rumours”. The Norwegian newspaper “VG” has also been in contact with Princess Märtha Louise’s manager, Carina Scheele Carlsen who says: “We do not comment on allegations in the German gossip press”.

Several Norwegian newspapers claim that the Durek Verrett has not been to Norway since December 2019. After Ari Behn took his own life on Christmas Day last year, Durek Verrett has kept a low profile. He did not attend the funeral of Ari Behn in January. However, on January 5, Verrett posted on Instagram that he would not comment on the death of Ari Behn out of respect for Princess Märtha Louise and Ari’s children other than he wanted to say that he was incredibly sorry for their loss.

Durek Verrett has generated a lot of press interest in Norway and abroad since his relationship with Princess Märtha Louise was confirmed. Verrett’s book “Spirit Hacking” was cancelled by a Norwegian publisher because of its content.

In an interview with the magazine “People”, Märtha Louise says that the first thing she said to Verrett was “I know you.” He says that in a previous life he lived with Märtha Louise in Egypt. Verrett said: “When we’re together and I look at her, I sometimes see a different face. And she sees it in me too. I have memories of the two of us in Egypt. She was my queen and I was a pharaoh”.

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