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Queen Sonja meets Ukrainian refugees

Oskar Aanmoen/Royal Central

Queen Sonja of Norway has met refugees from Ukraine at the aid organisation Caritas where she heard from women and children about fleeing their homes and feeling safe in Norway.

The Queen met some Ukrainian children who have had to flee their homes, including Siuzanna, who showed Her Majesty a drawing she and her mum had made of the Queen.

Following the visit, the Queen said: “They are very happy to be safe. It is one thing to be safe – it is another thing to have a home. That home is not here. It is just for now. Even if you do the best you can. Everyone hopes and wishes that this cruel war will soon end, in one way or another. It made a strong impression to meet those who have experienced this cruelty in the war in Ukraine.”

Her Majesty continued: “I myself am quite old, so I also experienced the war. I hear the plane alarm, and you go down to the basement. It hurts a lot for these people to have this all the time over them. I am very impressed with this organisation, what they do and how they work in both Ukraine and here in Norway.”

Queen Sonja also heard about the work Caritas – the Catholic Church’s aid organisation – does in Ukraine and for refugees who arrive in Norway.

The Royal Court shared about Caritas’ work in the warzone: “In Ukraine, more than 3,500 Caritas employees and volunteers provide food, water and hygiene items, and children are protected and cared for in the best possible way. They also provide shelter and transportation. Already in the first month of the war, Caritas has helped more than 350,000 people in Ukraine, and tens of thousands of refugees have received help in the recipient countries.”

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