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Queen Elizabeth and King Harald celebrated the The Anglo-Norse Society

Today was a historic day as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth joined forces with the King of Norway in London – the day after they all celebrated the 70th birthday of the Prince of Wales. The King and Queen were gathered to mark the centenary of the Anglo-Norse Society. Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and King Harald V of Norway are joint patrons, and the Norwegian ambassador is the honorary president.

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The Centenary Reception offered an opportunity to recognise members of the Anglo-Norse Society who have made a positive contribution to its community and culture over the past 100 years. Their Majesties were also introduced to the Anglo-Norse Society Council, before viewing the Society’s Almanac. Their Majesties also met with members, scholars and supporters of the Society, before signing the Society’s Almanac on departure.

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His Majesty the King of Norway met Norwegian press following the visit where he commented on his second cousin, Queen Elizabeth. His Majesty said: “She is in great shape. It is completely incredible to more than 90-years-old. It is always very nice and to meet her. We talked about everything possible. We are a family”.

The King also said that Brexit was not discussed between the two family members.

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King Harald came without Queen Sonja, who was not in great shape this morning. “There is nothing serious,” said the King to Norwegian TV. The Royal Court has later stated that Queen Sonja is now in better shape and that the royal couple, among other things, went out for lunch together in London.

The Anglo-Norse Society in London was founded in 1918 and is a society based in England for advancing the education of the citizens of Britain and Norway about each other’s country and way of life. There is also a society based in Oslo, founded in 1921. The Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen served as the first president of the organisation.

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The Norwegian and British royals have had a long and close relationship. It was especially close when King Olav lived. Queen Elizabeth went through Norway on her first trip abroad as Queen in 1955. King Harald and Queen Sonja have always had a close and good relationship with Queen Elizabeth. The King of Norway and the Queen of the United Kingdom are second cousins and share the same great-grandfather, King Edward VII.

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