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How to Get Hair as Perfect as the Royals

Perfect hair is something that people often hope for. However, everyone has a different hair type and different needs, so it’s about finding out what works best for your hair. It may seem as though the Royals have the perfect hair and it’s always at it’s prime. As true as this may be, it’s likely that they have a haircare routine that they stick to. There are a few basics when it comes to maintaining your hair that help it grow strong and give it a glow. Here are a few hair care tips that may help you achieve hair as perfect as the royals.

Keep Your Hair Moisturised

If you see hair that seems to be nothing short of perfect, it is likely because it’s been well moisturised. This is because hair that is moisturised typically has an added shine. For starters, try using a moisturising shampoo and conditioner so that the chances of brittleness, breakage, dry scalp, and knots can be reduced. As you likely know, excessive sun or heat can dry out your hair, so you have to find ways to effectively protect it. A hair mask which consists of honey or clay and charcoal should also do the trick.

Consider Hair Implants

Many people struggle with hair loss for a number of reasons. In addition, you may want hair that’s a lot fuller, and you may have struggled to achieve that despite your efforts. Consider looking at the services that Vera Clinic offer for hair transplants. This should help you achieve hair as full as Kate Middleton’s as the thinner spots will be filled in with hair.

Get Serum

One of the things make people feel as though their hair isn’t perfect is frizz. Most people want a slick and smooth finish after styling their hair and don’t want to go outside and have strands sticking up everywhere. However, a hair care tip is to use a serum instead of a hot hairdryer or straightener, which could be damaging to your hair as it could make it more brittle. If you do decide to add heat, use a heat-protective spray so that your hair retains some moisture.

Take More Vitamin D

Sometimes, all you need to keep your hair healthy and ensure it has an added bounce is take a few vitamins. More specifically, vitamin D is good for your hair especially during the winter. As a result of the lack of sun during the winter, your hair may fall out, especially if you’re vitamin D deficient. Other vitamins that are good for your hair are iron, zinc, and vitamin C.

Become Good at Blow Drying

To style your hair in certain ways, you probably want to blow dry your hair. If you must, it’s imperative that you become a master at it so that it lasts for a couple of days. You can do so by moving your hair when you’re blow drying so that you get more volume. Also, move the brush and dryer right down to the ends of the strands of your hair and take your time.

Perfect hair is something you can achieve or at least come close to. You must, however, try and be consistent so that your hair retains the look that you’re aspiring for. Hopefully, the above tips are helpful, and you achieve your hair goals.