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Princess Märtha Louise to have her own TV series

By Richter Frank-Jurgen - Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

Princess Märtha Louise of Norway, daughter of King Harald and the fourth in line to the Norwegian throne, will have her own TV series next year. Norway’s largest commercial TV-channel “TV2” will follow the Princess’s life both at work and in private. The TV channel promises a documentary series that provides “a unique encounter with a warm person like you have never seen her before”.

Princess Märtha Louise stated in a press release via TV 2 : “I am a public figure and the press writes a lot about me. This series is an opportunity to show my life in a different and new way. I can open up in front of the camera, but I am also concerned with honesty, and that one does not contribute to speculation about me and my life”.

Princess Märtha Louise also points out that 2020 has been a demanding year for the family after the Princess’ ex-husband Ari Behn took his own life on Christmas Day last year. This is something she and the couple’s three daughters are strongly influenced by.

Princess Märtha Louise continues: “The most important thing I do is to be present for my daughters. We are a family in grief, and in addition, we have become very isolated, like most others in Norway. We have therefore just started with the recording of the series”.

Earlier this year, Märtha Louise had to live a long-distance relationship with her new boyfriend, Shaman Durek Verrett as a result of coronavirus restrictions. The couple recently got to see each other again for the first time in six months. On the occasion of Märtha Louise’s birthday on 22 September, Verrett was finally able to visit Norway. He is still present in Norway. TV 2 confirmed to the Norwegian press that both Shaman Durek and Princess Märtha Louise’s three daughters will appear in the documentary series.

The series with the name “Martha” will premiere some time in 2021.

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