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Princess Märtha Louise of Norway breaks her leg after falling off a horse

Princess Märtha Louise of Norway, the daughter of King Harald and Queen Sonja, fell off her horse during a completion on Friday and broke her leg. Princess Märtha Louise posted the news on her Facebook and Instagram-pages together with the following statement:

“So Carsall (the horse) jumped well today, but his turning around was so fast, I fell off and broke a bone in my leg. I was so excited to ride this weekend”.

The famous Oslo Horse Show takes place this weekend. In a press meeting earlier this week after finishing third in a competition, the Princess said: “I was probably the happiest at the entire arena.”

The Princess finished in third place while competing against 34 other riders from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Both her parents, Queen Sonja and King Harald, were spectators when she participated in the international rally class.

Her broken leg is not very serious, and the Princess will fully recover from her injuries.

The Duchess of Wessex together with Princess Märtha Louise of Norway, at the celebrations of King Harald and Queen Sonja. Photo: Oskar Aanmoen.

Princess Märtha Louise has been a professional rider for many years and has participated in a number of major championships. Around 20,000 spectators are expected at the weekend’s event.

Princess Märtha Louise’s three daughters each have their own ponies, so one can safely say that the equestrian interest has been handed down to the next generation. The Princess has previously owned a number of horses, and in 2002 she sold one of them to Princess Haya of Jordan.

Princess Märtha Louise started riding at the age of eight. With the Norwegian royal farm just minutes from the Royal Palace in Oslo, it was easy for the princess to own horses in her childhood and she spent much time with the horses at Bygdøy royal farm.

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