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Princess Martha Louise’s fiance, Durek Verrett, talks openly about royal relations again

Durek Verrett has caused controversy again in Norway due to a TikTok video.

In a live broadcast on the social network, Durek Verrett spoke about Norway’s King Harald, Queen Sonja and Crown Prince Haakon, only two months after the Royal Family made an agreement that he should not do such things.

As such, his broadcast caused strong reactions in the Norwegian press over the past few days.

In November, it was revealed that Princess Märtha Louise would stop representing the Norwegian Royal Family in an official capacity.

At that time, the Royal House also came up with new rules for Verrett and Princess Märtha Louise regarding what they could and could not do relating to the Royal Family and social media. The agreement included that they should not use the title of princess or refer to members of the Royal House on their own social media channels, media productions or in connection with commercial activities.

Nevertheless, Durek Verrett has used Märtha Louise’s princess title on TikTok and Instagram; he has also mentioned several members of the Norwegian Royal Family in his social media channels.

These are the same channels he uses in his commercial activities, like for marketing his controversial medallion, “Spirit Optimizer.”

The Norwegian Royal Court has issued the following comment regarding the matter: “Through the good talks this autumn, the Royal Family came to a common understanding and agreement on the way forward. The Royal Family continues to talk together, while the arrangement is being worked out, as His Majesty the King also said this in his interview in November.” 

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