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Princess Märtha Louise issues statement paying tribute to her ex-husband, Ari Behn

Princess Märtha Louise’s ex-husband, Ari Behn, was buried Friday after a funeral at Oslo Cathedral. Since he took his life on Christmas Day, Princess Märtha Louise has been silent about her ex-husband’s death. On Friday evening, she made the following statement:

Dear Ari. We were supposed to be together at Christmas and celebrating. We had all been looking forward to it.

Now, we are so infinitely sad and sorry for the loss of you, because you were the girls’ warm, funny, wise and good dad that they so dearly miss. We miss your funny comments, your viewpoints, the poetic tone, the overflowing compliments, the great love you had for them. Now there is an empty space where you were because no one can ever replace you for our beautiful girls. Moreover, it is so painful to think that you choose to leave the earth. We are in deep sorrow and pain all together.

An invisible illness took over you more and more because that’s when the mental health fails. For a long time, we gradually saw you disappear, but we held on to the belief that this would go well. Your family fought for you. They have been there for you day and night.

You are and will continue to be deeply missed, Ari. In addition, I feel sad that you never really understood how loved you were. I hope that we who are left can be good at praising each other and saying nice things to each other. For we only have this life to share just how happy we are for each other and what wonderful qualities we see in each other. We love you, Ari, and will move on with your words: Every day is a party and you are a piece of jewellery.

On Friday, the funeral took place for Ari Behn, the former husband of Princess Märtha Louise of Norway, at Oslo Cathedral. Ari Behn died last week after taking his own life on Christmas Day aged 47. Many royals and members of the Behn family attended the funeral which was broadcast live on Norway’s two largest television channels. Present from the Norwegian Royal Family were King Harald, Queen Sonja, Crown Prince Haakon, Crown Princess Mette-Marit, Prince Sverre Magnus, Princess Ingrid Alexandra and Princess Astrid.

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