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Norway’s King Harald receives poignant birthday gift

King Harald of Norway marked his birthday this week on 21 February.

To celebrate the occasion, the King was gifted a very special present from all the workers at the Royal Court.

In March 2022, while touring the exhibit “The King’s Cars,” King Harald inquired about the current whereabouts of his first motorcycle. For his 16th birthday in 1953, then Prince Harald was gifted a Husqvarna light motorcycle, a model 30 Sport, from his father, Crown Prince Olav.

After receiving his license to operate a light motorcycle seven months later, King Harald used Husqvarna until 1955, when he obtained his driver’s license. The bike was eventually sold.

Now, 70 years following the King’s receipt of the motorcycle as a 16th birthday present, it has been returned to him in a repaired and restored state; it even came with its original number plate.

The gift was presented to the King at his office at the Royal Palace in Oslo.

The Royal Court later published the news and a photo taken by Queen Sonja to inform of this heartwarming gift.

King Harald of Norway has always had an interest in motorcycles. Although the motorcycle from 1955 was later sold, King Harald’s passion for motorcycles was already established, and he has had several bikes over the years.

The King has also visited exhibitions with motorcycles both in the private and official capacity.

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