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King Harald on his health: ”better and better”

Oskar Aanmoen/Royal Central

On Tuesday, His Majesty presented the National Association for Public Health Research Prizes for 2020. Ulrik Wisløff received the National Association for Public Health’s Heart Research Award today. This year’s winners of the Dementia Research Award was Anders Fjell and Kristine Walhovd.His Majesty the King handed out the awards on behalf of the organization which he is protector of. The awards ceremony took place at the Norwegian Theatre in Oslo.

During the event, the King made a short comment on his health. Despite a huge press attendance only the TV-channel TV2 went so far to ask the King a question. TV2’s reporter asked the King “How is it with Your Majesty’s health?”. The King looked on the reporter, smiled and replied: “Things are going better and better”.

King Harald during the awards ceremony on Tuesday. Photo: Liv Anette Luane / The Royal Court.

One of the prizes awarded went to Professor Ulrik Wisløff for his research, which shows, among other things, that older people have less chance of getting heart disease if they exercise intensively at least one hour a week. Wisløff gave a lecture on this during the prize ceremony. Therefore the TV2 reporter replied to the King: “Will His Majesty be doing more exercise in the future?”. King Harald replied with laughter.

King Harald was hospitalised on Wednesday, January 8 after a period of illness and has faced a hard time following Ari Behn’s suicide on Christmas Day last year. At the time he was taken to hospital, the statement from the Royal Court said: “His Majesty King Harald was admitted to the National Hospital today because of dizziness. No serious illness has been found. The King is expected to be discharged before the weekend. The King has cancelled his duties for two weeks. During this period, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon is acting regent.”

King Harald during the awards ceremony on Tuesday. Photo: Liv Anette Luane / The Royal Court.

On Monday 13 January, Crown Prince Haakon met the press where he said: “I thank you for your thoughtfulness. The King is in recovery; we expect him to be home from the hospital during this week. After the conditions he is fine. He was dizzy and unwell, which is why he was admitted to the hospital. It has been difficult in recent weeks. We try as best we can to take care of each other.” His Majesty King Harald of Norway was discharged from hospital after a week of treatment on Wednesday, 15 January.

King Harald appeared in public for the first time since the illness last Sunday. Then His Majesty attended The Norwegian National Championship in Skiing. The King’s return to the public eye received much attention among Norwegian newspapers and TV channels. They all agreed that it was great that King Harald was back, but at the same time, they pointed out that he seemed slightly thinner and less certain on his legs than usual.

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