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Crown Princess Mette Marit: “Brighter Days Will Come”

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mette Marit of Norway has given a rare interview to Norway’s state television channel NRK. In the interview the Crown Princess emphasizes that we are in a time when we all should care about each other’s mental health.

“I am so glad to see people again!” was the first response of Crown Princess Mette-Marit when the journalist from NRK arrived at the Skaugum Estate, 30 minutes by car west of the Norwegian capital.

The Crown Princess said: “It is heart-breaking to hear that those who work in the municipalities are experiencing such a worsening of the situation for those who are having a hard time. Perhaps the parents drink more, one is closer to one another, and the intensity of the conflicts is often greater. It has something to do with everyday life for children and young people.”

Norway’s Crown Prince Couple working from the Skaugum Estate. Photo: The Royal Court.

Her Royal Highness continues: “I think it is incredibly important that the emergency services have expanded the offer to the youth. Especially in these types of situations where it is difficult to have conversations that they have previously been able to have on their phone, because they are afraid that people at home will hear them and they cannot go out.”

The Crown Princess also told a little about her coping with the situation. The Crown Princess revealed that she is out daily walking in nature to clear her thoughts. Her Royal Highness said: “If there is one piece of advice want to give, it is to keep good routines; get up in the morning, get enough sleep, get out in nature. I think that is very important for everyone. In addition, remember that this time will end. Brighter days are coming.”

Crown Princess Mette Marit has been a keen supporter of mental health issues for almost two decades. In 2001, Her Royal Highness became the high protector for the Norwegian Council on Mental Health. Since Norway was put in to lockdown on March 12, the Crown Prince couple has had to carry out their royal duties from their home office. Crown Princess Mette Marit herself is in the high risk group for Covid-19 because of her chronic lung disease, however this is not something the Crown Princess wishes to talk about.

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