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Crown Prince Haakon shares his feelings about King Harald’s heart surgery

Crown Prince Haakon of Norway
The Royal Court

Crown Prince Haakon has spoken publicly about his father’s health for the first time since King Harald underwent heart surgery. It was during a visit to the city of Trondheim, on October 11th 2020, that the Crown Prince was asked by reporters whether the King’s health is improving. The Crown Prince`s comments came just a day since the last status update from the Royal Court.

On October 10th 2020, the Royal Court published the following statement: “His Majesty the King is doing well after yesterday’s intervention. The King has had a short walk, and the condition is good, says the King’s doctor, chief physician Bjørn Bendz at the Cardiovascular and Vascular Clinic at Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet.”

On Sunday His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon said: “He is fine. Both the doctors and my father are happy, and he is in good recovery it seems. I would like to thank the entire team from the hospital with Bjørn Bendz, the king’s doctor, in the lead who has done an incredible job. We knew they were very good, but still it was very nice to know that everything went well.”

A Norwegian journalist asked if the King’s breathing improved after the operation. The Crown Prince replied: “He has probably not been able to test it properly yet, but it will probably come in the next few days when he starts to be a little more active. I admit that it was a relief to hear that it went well. One gets a little uneasy in these situations.”

On October 9th 2020, King Harald underwent surgery to replace a heart valve first operated on in 2005. His Majesty’s operation was successful. After the operation, the King was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit for further observation. His Majesty will be on sick leave through October. Messages about the King’s state of health will be sent out regularly in the near future.

It is currently unknown how long the King will be in hospital. Doctors have stated that a patient usually spends 1-3 days in hospital after such an operation. The last time the King had heart surgery, the King was on sick leave for two months.

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