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Crown Prince Haakon kicks off official visit to the United States

Norway UN via Flickr

Crown Prince Haakon of Norway has begun a four-day official visit to the United States. The main goal of the visit is to help strengthen international cooperation, as well as the good relations between the USA and Norway.

Together with the Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Petroleum and Energy and the Minister of Trade and Industry, the Crown Prince will during his visit focus on the UN, meet US authorities and the business community.

During a press conference in the Security Council Chamber at the start of his trip, on December 6th 2021, His Royal Highness said: “We live in a world where, after all, a lot is happening well and where we humans have managed to create good lives for very many, but at the same time there are great challenges in the world: Pandemic, climate challenges, war and conflict, and people on the run. And to get together and talk about these challenges and find solutions, we need a platform, and the United Nations is that platform”.

The Crown Prince continued: “I have been so lucky to work with the UN’s development program for now 17 years. Moreover, when I travel around, one of the groups I meet, who are most vulnerable and who are most heartbreaking to see when they are suffering, are children in conflict. And that is something that Norway is addressing now with both a resolution on safe schools and children in conflict”.

The Crown Prince and Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt began their visit to the United States by meeting with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, where they spoke about the global challenges posed by the pandemic and the climate crisis, and the fact that the poorest are and will be affected by these ongoing crises. .

 In January, Norway will hold the presidency of the Security Council, and the Crown Prince and the Minister of Foreign Affairs therefore spoke with the Secretary-General about the areas that Norway will focus on during that period; peace and security, the protection of civilians in conflict, women’s rights and climate.

During the first day of the visit, the Crown Prince also met UNDP’s leader Achim Steiner. Their conversation therefore revolved around how the pandemic has affected the work against poverty and poor health worldwide, and how Norway can contribute.

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