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Crown Prince Haakon and Princess Martha Louise refuse to comment on the controversy around Durek Verrett

Princess Martha Louise of Norway

The Norwegian royals were out in force but it wasn’t their work that was in the spotlight. Much of the attention was focused on how they are dealing with the controversy around a man who will soon marry into the family. As King Harald, Queen Sonja, Crown Prince Haakon and Princess Martha Louise went on engagements on September 7th 2022, the spotlight was on Durek Verrett, the princess’ fiance. And neither Martha Louise or her brother were prepared to answer questions from journalists about the controversy.

Just last week, King Harald commented that his soon to be son-in-law would need to have a conversation with them about what being royal means after the self proclaimed shaman was found to be selling medallions on his website that he claims can cure Covid. The discs cost around 200 euro each.

There was a lot of attention towards the royal family last week, when King Harald said: “I do not think it has fully sunk in yet what we mean, but we are in a process and this will eventually work itself out. We get to know each other better and better, and we will talk to him, as we do in a family. So, it is going to work out. But I don’t promise that it will be resolved tomorrow. It is the culture collision we are now noticing.”

Princess Martha Louise opened the Blind Association’s new facility for guide dogs on Wednesday. Princess Märtha Louise refused to answer about Verrett when asked. And at the question of whether the dialogue the King mentioned had began, the Princess just started talking about the dog school before she quickly walked away from the press.

Crown Prince Haakon was visiting a food waste factory on Wednesday. The Crown Prince answered the press ​​questions about the visit, but when asked about the dialogue between the King and Verrett, the interview was interrupted by the royal court and the Crown Prince was guided away.

On the same day, Wednesday, it also became known that the Norwegian Association for Muscular Dystrophy is considering ending its collaboration with Princess Martha Louise. This, too, because of statements from Durek Verrett.

The couple announced their engagement earlier this year. In June, Durek Verrett joined the Norwegian Royal Family at an official event for the first time when he was among the guests at events marking the eighteenth birthday of Princess Ingrid Alexandra.

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