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The Netherlands

King Willem-Alexanders holds Speech from the Throne

willem alexander
© RVD - Martijn Beekman

King Willem-Alexander has held his annual Speech from the Throne in The Hague.

The King of the Netherlands gave the Speech from the Throne during the Assembly of the States General with Queen Máxima at his side at the Grote Kerk. Activities surrounding the day were scaled-down just like last year due to the global health situation. There was no carriage ride, and the royals did not appear on the balcony before the public after the ceremony at Noordeinde Palace.

In his address, the King underlined the danger of climate change, recovery from the pandemic, uncertainty in the world and the fight against organised crime.

Regarding climate change, His Majesty touched on the flooding in Limburg this year and that measures in place to fight climate change need to be re-evaluated. As the world recovers from the pandemic, the overworked healthcare staff will need the most recovery. He stressed that the government is planning on how to be prepared for the next pandemic.

More money will be allocated next year to those financially struggling due to the global health situation, but overall, the Dutch economy is in good shape. Unemployment is expected to stay at the historic low level, the King shared. However, he mentioned the struggle the Caribbean nations in the Dutch kingdom are facing and how agreements have been made to provide financial support to these nations.

The fight against organised crime was discussed, and the murder of Dutch journalist Peter R. de Vries in July was highlighted.

He said: “The rule of law is the foundation of the free and democratic society that has characterised our country for so long. But the Dutch constitutional state is under pressure. Organised crime is becoming more brutal and violent. The shocking murder of Peter R. de Vries is a new low in this development.”

King Willem-Alexander revealed the cabinet has been working on a robust, multi-year approach to make more money available to battle this type of crime.

His full speech, an English translation, can be read here.

Prince’s Day (Prinsjesdag), also known as Budget Day, is held each year on the third Tuesday of September. The monarch addresses the Dutch parliament (States General) from the throne, where he outlines the government’s plans for the upcoming year.

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