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Prince Charles backs bog standard fashion

Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales
Northern Ireland Office via Flickr

Prince Charles has backed bog cotton in sustainable fashions, offering bog cotton sourced from the Castle of Mey for clothing designed by eco-friendly fashion brand Vin + Omi.

The new pieces are part of Vin + Omi’s upcoming collection, with bog cotton—which looks similar to cotton but grows in boggy parts of the United Kingdom—sourced from The Queen Mother’s former residence in Scotland.

Prince Charles has previously partnered with Vin + Omi to provide nettle from his residence Highgrove. He was inspired by their goal to create sustainable fashion and allowed them to use the nettle from his personal gardens.

He later donated nettles, hydrangeas, willow, ash, wood chippings, nettle, and horsehair clippings from Highgrove for a second collaboration.

In an interview with People, Omi described working with Prince Charles. He said, “We love working with Prince Charles, and we have a lot of fun doing it. He has been very involved in terms of what we are doing, and it’s an ongoing relationship, which is really lovely.”

He continued: “Sometimes I can’t believe I’m talking to the future King of England – even to be having conversations around sustainability is bizarre because you would think that someone so privileged wouldn’t be interested, but he is very learned.”

“Our whole brand ethos is against everything that comes with establishment, but it’s amazing that something as simple as the environment can link different people together.”

Vin + Omi website outlines their strict adherence to eco-friendly and sustainable design practices. Parts of their ‘manifesto’ include working with high-profile people and organisations whose values match their own, working with companies that value changing to save the planet, developing social or environmental impact projects with their work, and balancing their carbon footprint by investing in carbon offsetting programmes.

Vin + Omi was founded in 2001. One of their first projects was designing and creating a capsule collection of sustainable bags sold at Selfridges.

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