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King Willem-Alexander to celebrate King’s Day from home

Photo: Moniek Bloks/Royal Central

King Willem-Alexander will spend his birthday at home with his family, but he will still share the day with the rest of the country.

King’s Day 2020 was meant to be celebrated in Maastricht, but all celebrations have been cancelled due to the coronavirus. King Willem-Alexander will still try to celebrate the day on an online platform. At 10 in the morning on the 27th of April, King Willem-Alexander will kick off King’s Day At Home with a short speech. Throughout the day, images and footage of the Royal Family celebrating will be shared through social media, television and the official online platform. The day will end at 4 in the afternoon with a toast.

King Willem-Alexander will celebrate his 53rd birthday on Monday and his birthday is an official holiday in the Netherlands. Traditionally, the King visits a new city every year. Last year, King’s Day was hosted in Amersfoort. Afterwards, King Willem-Alexander said, “We, and the sun, have had an amazing party! I would like to come back, and often too!”

King Willem-Alexander was accompanied by his wife Queen Máxima, their three daughters, his brother Prince Constantijn and his wife Princess Laurentien, his cousins Prince Maurits and his wife Princess Marilène, Prince Pieter-Christiaan and his wife Princess Anita, Prince Floris and his wife Princess Aimée and Prince Bernhard and his wife Princess Annette.

The online platform that will host King’s Day 2020 can be found here.