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The Netherlands

Dutch Minister expresses solidarity with Princess Amalia following “difficulty” to adapt to life under threat

Following her comments last week about her current situation, the Minister of Justice and Security has offered some comments about the Dutch government’s efforts to protect Princess Catharina-Amalia. 

Ms Dilan Yeşilgöz said that the entire complex of forces under his jurisdiction is working “day and night” to ensure the safety of the heir to the Dutch throne, adding that “a lot is happening behind the scenes.”

She did not give any additional details about the threat that the Princess is facing, nor about the security measures that have been put in place for her and the rest of the family. 

On Friday, 10 February, Princess Amalia, as she is commonly called, spoke to the press in the context of the official visit she has undertaken to the Dutch Caribbean islands together with her parents. 

Among other things, she said: “I’m going to be very honest about it. I still have a very hard time with it,” adding that she was grateful for the opportunity that this trip has offered to lead a more “normal” life. 

The Princess explained that she had expected to live her university years somewhat like the rest of her colleagues, in an accommodation in Amsterdam, where she is attending university. 

“The reality, unfortunately, was anything but that,” she said; she was forced to return home to The Hague, and her security was beefed up following an unknown threat made against her. 

This was visible all throughout the Caribbean visit as well. Many members of the press core following the trip noticed that the three royals have travelled with an increased security detail compared to other similar trips undertaken in the past, both for the King and Queen and in the presence of one or more of their daughters. 

The security detail for members of the Dutch Royal Family falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice and Security. It is comprised of security forces, as well as police officers. The threats against the royals are currently being investigated by an interforce group, including law enforcement and the judiciary.