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The Netherlands

Dutch King and Queen want Amalia to focus on studies before duties

© RVD - Patrick van Emst

The Dutch King and Queen have said they want their eldest daughter, Princess Amalia, to focus on her studies before taking on royal duties like state visits.

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima want the Princess of Orange, who will one day be Queen of the Netherlands, to focus on her studies and being a university student. They said that royal duties like state visits could come later.

They revealed the information at the end of their state visit to Austria.

The King said: “She will live in Amsterdam after the summer and will study there. If she feels at home there, then she can think about something else. But now the focus is first on her studies.”

The King and Princess of Orange. © RVD – Patrick van Emst

However, while Their Majesties want the Princess to focus on being a student, they admit that she is interested in state visits and the travels the pair undertake as King and Queen. They acknowledged that they are very open and honest with her about their trips as a way of teaching her for the future.

Her mother said: “She sees a lot of us, we also discuss a lot at home. She also sees a lot on television. We talk about such a visit with all openness. But for now, she really needs to focus on her studies.”

Princess Amalia undertaking a state visit alongside her father will take place in the future, as the King accompanied his mother, Beatrix, on state visits when he was heir to the throne.

King Willem-Alexander confirmed this in Austria: “Of course, she also saw that we went on a state visit with my mother. I really don’t have to explain to her that that will happen to her one day.”

It may be several years, but the Princess of Orange will get a taste of state visits once she has completed her university education.

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