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The Netherlands

A set of sapphires with links to a list of queens is the jewel pick of the heir to the Dutch throne

Prince Christian of Denmark’s 18th birthday gala was a landmark event for the young Danish royal. Luckily for royal watchers everywhere, many of the guests wore tiaras and jewels. Princess Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands, the Princess of Orange, wore the Dutch Sapphire Necklace Tiara. 

King Willem III purchased a choker necklace for his wife, Queen Emma, that was made of ten diamonds and eleven sapphires. Emma collected more diamond and sapphire pieces to create a sapphire parure. 

The choker was then made into a mid-length necklace with an optional sapphire and diamond pendant. Queen Juliana wore the longer length for a 1955 portrait.

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When the piece is in its tiara form, it features five sapphire and diamond lozenges at the top. These five ornaments actually came from a different set that Queen Wilhelmina received in 1901 as a wedding gift. 

This was Princess Amalia’s first outing with this particular tiara. She also wore the Dutch Diamond Trellis Necklace- the necklace features over 100 diamonds and can be set with different stones, including sapphires. She also chose the two diamonds and sapphires from Queen Emma’s parure. 

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