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Who would be Monaco’s regent if Prince Albert becomes incapable of ruling?

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With the news of Albert II, Prince of Monaco becoming the first reigning monarch to be infected with COVID-19, we take a look at what could happen if he should becoming incapable of ruling.

The Monegasque constitution states:

“Art.11 (amended by Law n°1.249 dated April 2nd 2002) – The Prince can exercise His sovereign powers if He has reached His adulthood, fixed at the age of eighteen. During the Prince’s adolescence or in case the Prince is unable to exercise His functions, the organisation and conditions of exercise of the Regency are provided for by the House Laws of the Sovereign Family.”

The House Laws of the Sovereign Family in turn states:

“Art. 6 – In case of incapacity, the reigning Prince can, by a sovereign ordinance, delegate the exercise of his powers to the Hereditary Prince if his heir is of age or, lacking one, to his spouse, or, lacking one, to the closest heir of age in the succession order.”

Since Jacques, the Hereditary Prince of Monaco, is only five-years-old, the regency would be taken up by his mother, Princess Charlene.

The Prince’s Palace says that His Serene Highness is in good health, and continues to work from home.

However, for completeness, if the unthinkable happens and Prince Albert passes away, the following article states:

“During the minority of the Prince, the regency is exercised by the spouse of the deceased Prince who has guardianship of the child or, lacking one, by the closest heir of age in the succession order. The regency can only be exercised by a person of Monegasque nationality.”

In this case, the regency would also be taken up by Princess Charlene.

Should Princess Charlene be unable to act as regent, the closest heir of age in the line of succession would be Prince Albert’s sister, Princess Caroline.