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Virtual Mass to be held to remember Grand Duke Jean

© Grand Ducal Court / Vic Fischbach

A memorial service for Jean, Grand Duke of Luxembourg will be held in early May. However, owing to the coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions currently in place, it will be an online Mass.

The Grand Ducal Court announced that a service marking the anniversary of his death will be held on May 7th at Luxembourg Cathedral. Public worship has been stopped in the country since March as physical distancing measures were put in place to try and stop the spread of coronavirus. As a result, the memorial for Grand Duke Jean will see people come together online to watch the special service being streamed and pay their own tributes.

The announcement was made on April 23rd 2020, exactly a year after Jean passed away surrounded by his family.

The Royal Household confirmed that ”due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Mass will take place without the physical presence of the faithful. So that the public can still attend the religious service, the Mass will be broadcast live.”

The ceremony will be accessible via a link on the official website of the Diocese of Luxembourg.

Jean, Grand Duke of Luxembourg was born on January 5th 1921 and became his country’s ruler on November 12th 1964 on the abdication of his mother, Grand Duchess Charlotte. He handed over power to his own son, Grand Duke Henri, on October 7th 2000. Grand Duke Jean died on April 23rd 2019 and was buried on May 4th that year.

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