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The mysterious tiara that could be about to get a new royal owner

While each royal family has their own impressive jewellery collection, there are typically some pieces only worn by the sovereign’s wife (or reigning Queen/ Grand Duchess). The Luxembourgish Royal Family has some incredible pieces that we may start to see on Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie as power begins to transition to her husband in the autumn. 

The Luxembourg Empire Tiara is a large tiara with a height of over four inches. The large tiara is covered in hundreds of diamonds and features several different designs including fleur des lis, geometric motifs, scrolls, and more. It is still unknown which jeweller created this tiara or even when it was made, but there is written record of it in 1829. Grand Duchess Maria Teresa is the only member of the family who currently wears this tiara. 


The Belgian Scroll Tiara is also a favourite tiara for Maria Teresa. Princess Josephine-Charlotte of Belgium received this diamond scroll tiara as a gift in 1953 for her wedding to Grand Duke Jean and wore it for one of her wedding portraits. It was created by Henry Coosemans and was a gift from French bank Société Générale. The central piece can be worn separately as a brooch and the main diamond can be worn as a ring.

The Art Deco style Chaumet Emerald Tiara is another statement tiara. The diamond scroll tiara is made up of hundreds of diamonds in an intricate pattern and features a sizable diamond at the middle of the base and a massive cabochon emerald in the centre. 

It is unknown when Princess Stéphanie will be able to wear these tiaras, but it will be a step into Luxembourg’s future. 

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